Happy Trails Nature Park

A serene nature trail adjoining Normandie Ridge where people can enjoy walking, wildlife and nature.

West Manchester Township, in collaboration with Normandie Ridge, has created a paved senior trail within a rustic nature park on four acres of land located between the Normandie Ridge Senior Living Community and The Greens at Westgate Apartment Complex, along Kenneth Road. The park features a fully handicapped accessible parking area and trails including a paved figure-eight walking path.

Fran Ashby, Vice President of Donor Relations and Philanthropy at Normandie Ridge, said, “We’re using the natural environment to create a serene park where people can enjoy walking, wildlife and nature. We did a focus group with West Manchester Township residents and learned they want a peaceful place to exercise and appreciate nature, its sounds and sights.” The park will include benches and picnic tables.

The park has received community financial support, including York County Community Foundation’s Hahn Home Fund for Embracing Aging, the Memorial Health Fund, Powder Mill Foundation, UPMC Memorial Hospital and Normandie Ridge.

To give to the development of the Happy Trails Nature Park, contact Fran Ashby at Fran.Ashby@AlbrightCare.org

View recent images of the West Manchester Senior Trail and Nature Park by clicking on the images below!