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A Message from Executive Director Lauren Dieter

Normandie Ridge is proud to be part of Asbury Communities, an aging services provider with a 90-plus year legacy of redefining the expectations of aging. Ensuring that we provide a safe and healthy environment for those who work and live at our communities is our highest priority.

This page is meant to be a helpful resource regarding Normandie Ridge’s operations. For a comprehensive look at Asbury Communities’ COVID-19 communications, response, preventive measures and more, please click here. Asbury serves approximately 4,300 residents at our eight continuing care retirement communities and home care services agencies in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Testing is an important component of our COVID-19 prevention strategy. We are pleased to share some outstanding results for Normandie Ridge and the Asbury system. As of November 1, Asbury has conducted just over 22,000 COVID-19 tests at our communities with a positivity rate of  just .5 percent. This compares to a national positivity rate of 7 percent. At Normandie Ridge, we have conducted 1,012 tests with a positivity rate of just .01 percent.

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Important Contact Information

Main Reception: (717) 764-6262

  • Virtual Visit Coordinators:

Executive Director Lauren Dieter: (717) 718-1027

Personal Care Administrator Amanda Woods: (717) 718-2908

Skilled Nursing Administrator Stacey Hawkins: (717) 718-0993


Our campus has begun to ease visitation restrictions in line with public health and state and local guidelines, but our health care neighborhoods remain closed to in-person visits. See visitation details below and see Reopening Plans & Strategy further down the page.

Travel & Holiday

  • Independent Living Residents: If an Independent Living resident chooses to leave our community for a Thanksgiving celebration to join friends and family, the resident will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon return.
    • Independent Living Resident Visitors: Independent Living Residents may have up to two visitors at a time for a maximum of 2 hours. In addition to our new screening process that also applies to visitors, guests from outside our state seeking to visit Independent Living residents will need to demonstrate a negative COVID-19 test completed in the last 72 hours to be able to visit a resident’s home. Please remember that common areas in our community continue to be off limits to visitors. Families of Independent Living residents are encouraged to arrange for video chats and window visits over the holiday weekend. Please contact Enhanced Services at 717-718-1022.

Screening & Safety Measures: We all have a responsibility to support and protect each other. All persons entering our community will follow our screening procedures, which includes a temperature check and questionnaire. Prior to your arrival, please go to this link,, to answer our screening questions (Chrome or Safari are the preferred web browsers; there have been issues reported when using Internet Explorer). If you do not have a smart device, an associate will read you the screening form.  At our screening area please follow the signage to take your temperature at our temperature kiosk.  If you pass the screening, please continue onto the campus.

All residents, associates, and visitors are required to wear a mask on campus and to practice physical distancing.

Personal Care and Memory Care Neighborhoods

The Personal Care neighborhoods remain open to in person visits at this time. Families may contact Amanda Woods to schedule a visitation time at either or by calling 717-718-2908.

Planning for an Outdoor or Indoor Visit for Personal Care/Memory Care:

  • Please DO NOT visit if you are ill – refer to screening form used upon arrival
  • Please bring and wear a mask when on campus
  • Screen in at the Normandie Ridge front entrance 10 minutes before scheduled visit
  • Please limit the number of visitors to 2 per visit
  • You will be directed and accompanied by a staff member to the outdoor or indoor visiting area
  • Both the resident and visitor must sanitize their hands
  • Visitor and resident must remain 6 feet apart for the entire visit
  • Visits are 30 minutes in length to allow for cleaning and preparation for the next visit

Skilled Nursing Neighborhoods

The Skilled Nursing Center neighborhoods remain closed to in person visitation at this time. As soon as we are able to again offer in-person visits, we will share the information with you. Our teams are happy to arrange virtual calls so everyone will have an opportunity to connect with their loved ones. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance in setting up a virtual call by calling 717-718-1026.

 Independent Living

  • Residents may welcome two guests at a time to their home for up to two hours.
  • Visitors must first visit our Screening Station at the campus entrance. Masks are required in all areas of our community, and we ask that you avoid touching surfaces and practice 6-feet physical distancing, including one person to an elevator.
  • Residents who leave the community for errands or day trips are required to follow our screening process upon return. Residents who leave the campus for more than 24 hours may be required to self-quarantine upon return.
  • Self-quarantine: Residents who self-quarantine are required to remain in their home for 14 days. We are currently providing delivery service of packages and meals. For details about this process, please call Enhanced Services at (717) 718-1022.
Community Services & Delivery Options

Dining Services

Our dining venues are currently closed, but phased reopening plans are being developed. Daily menus continue to be provided for residents, offering a wide range of fresh meal options that are delivered contact-free, and free of charge, to their doors.

Wellness Services

The Wellness Center is currently closed, but phased reopening plans are being developed. Walking trails are open!  In addition, we have started outdoor classes with appropriate distancing and masking, and are scheduling one-on-one consultations. For a current schedule or more information, call Ashlynn Suarez at (717) 719-2912.

Residential Common Areas

  • Banking services are by appointment only. Please call People’s Bank at (717) 846-1970.
  • Computer Center is open! Residents must follow sanitizing procedures before and after use.
  • The hair salon is open! Please call (717) 718-3052 to schedule an appointment.
  • The wood shop is open! Please sign up with the receptionist to schedule a time to use it.
  • Housekeeping from external vendors for apartment and cottage residents is allowed. Screening is required.
  • Pastoral care calls and visits are ongoing.
  • Resident gardens are open.
  • Walking trails are open.
  • Small group exercise classes and activities will begin the week of August 1, 2020.

Mail & Online Grocery Delivery

  • Mail and Packages: Apartment and cottage residents are receiving mail and packages as usual. All items for residents of our health care neighborhoods are stored for 5 days before distribution for residents’ safety, so please do not send perishable items.
  • Online Groceries: Please address deliveries to the resident’s address.
  • On-Campus Grocery Services: Limited groceries are available on our campus through our dining partner Sodexo. They can be billed to residents and delivered contact-free to their home. For more information, please call Enhanced Services at (717) 718-1022.
COVID-19 Testing

Testing is an important component of our COVID-19 prevention strategy. We are pleased to share some outstanding results for Normandie Ridge and the Asbury system. As of November 1, Asbury has conducted just over 22,000 COVID-19 tests at our communities with a positivity rate of  just .5 percent. This compares to a national positivity rate of 7 percent. At Normandie Ridge, we have conducted 1,012 tests with a positivity rate of just .01 percent.

Residential Living: A resident who believes they may have been exposed to COVID or is showing symptoms recognized by the CDC as being possible markers of COVID-19, should contact their physician for testing or visit a local testing center. Please also notify Robin Halcomb in Enhanced Services at (717) 718-1022 so that we may begin contact tracing on campus.

Personal Care or Skilled Nursing: Residents are monitored daily for any signs identified as potentially symptomatic of COVID-19 per CDC guidelines. Additional measures are implemented in line with Asbury’s system-wide infection-control algorithm, including quarantine in a specially designed area of the building.

Sanitation and COVID-19 Risk Reduction

Cleanliness has always been a priority at Asbury Communities, with dedicated maintenance and housekeeping departments ensuring that common areas are kept in good repair and regularly sanitized. With the advent of COVID-19, we quickly enhanced cleaning protocols and time-frames, and continue to monitor the effectiveness of our cleaning products for infection-control. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout campus common areas, as well as signage addressing infection-control, physical distancing, and mask requirements.

Learn more about our prevention and infection-control measures.

Reopening Plans and Strategy

The Asbury Communities Operations Team is working with community leadership teams to develop safe, phased reopening plans in line with public health and state guidelines. At all times, we operate out of an abundance of caution with resident safety as our highest priority. Residents and family members can expect weekly email updates as we slowly re-open community services and areas.

Asbury President & CEO Doug Leidig notes that “reopening is not like turning on a light switch. Think of it as slowly turning up a dimmer switch.” Senior communities such as ours lag for good reason behind these phased-in re-openings; we are guided by many different plans and requirements placed upon us by numerous federal, state and local agencies.

We appreciate your continued understanding and patience as we work through this process safely together.