The Plarn People Donate Handmade Mats

“The Plarn People” of Normandie Ridge have been busy crocheting mats for homeless Veterans and are ready to donate their mats to those who need them! Resident Dima Euculano, a former Marine, was given several mats to be donated to homeless veterans. “The Plarn People” also plan to give six mats to LifePath Christian Ministries later this week. Euculano also is in the Honor Guard for Veteran funerals & participates in the Toys for Tots project. The mats are made from plastic shopping bags crocheted by “The Plarn People”, who meet regularly at Normandie Ridge. Congrats to the group for all of their hard work!


Pictured above: Front Row left to right- Dot Nagele, Fern Shanabrook, Betty shive, Dima Eucalano, Ginny Foor, Fran Wyre

Back row- Karen Nauman, Vicki Eisenhart